TEO Solar’s solar panel systems are quiet and operate automatically. The system "wakes up" and begins to deliver power as the sun rises and "goes to sleep" as the sun sets. On-site installation can be completed within a few days. Because there are no moving parts. Grid-Tie Systems are virtually maintenance free. All components carry an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing and meet the National Electrical Code, the benchmark for safe and efficient electrical installations.

TEO Solar’s solar panel system is mounted in your garage, basement or on the outside of your home and includes: Inverter with LCD meter- converts DC Power produced by the solar modules to household AC Power. AC/DC disconnect switches which allows the modules to be disconnected from the inverter and the inverter to be disconnected from the utility grid. Optional kWh Electric Meter displays net power produced by your solar power system. We install residential solar grid-tie systems from 1 KW to 10 KW.

TEO Solar can design, engineer, manufacture and install solar for residential properties, commercial properties, well pumps, livestock drinking water, irrigation systems, trailers, stables and more.

Why invest? Here are just some of the benefits to going solar!

1. Generate Your Own Electricity And Reduce Your Electric

2. Bill Protect Against Future Rate IncreasesProduce Electricity From Free Sunlight And Watch Your Meter Spin Backwards

3. Reduce the Burning Of Fossil Fuels Contributing To A Healthier Environment

4. Increase The Value Of Your Home

5. Save Money On Your System Purchase With State Rebates And Federal Tax Credits

6. Solar Modules Have a 25-Year Warranty

7. Systems Typically Have A Lifetime of 40+ Years

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Our system also has a built-in electric heater just in-case you need extra hot water or the weather is bad for several days.

                         The system is fully automatic and will turn on and off daily, collecting heat whenever it is available. The pump then circulates colder water (from the bottom of your special solar storage tank) through your solar collector(s), and returns the heated water to the tank. This cycle continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is not heat available, the controller turns the pump off, and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank. If your family ever needs more hot water than the sun can provide, the system's back-up heating element automatically takes over, insuring that you will always have all the hot water you need. 

                                        TEO Solar has several unique attributes to their solar water heater offerings including the only local safe purge system (easy drain). Other unique benefits include:

1. Qualified: no under qualified installers and the owner is typically on-site for all installs.

2. Safety & Convenience: a unique, safe purge system is included with an easy, efficient way to purge the system during freezes, vacations and system maintenance. It also improves the life of the system (to about 20 years).

3. Smarter Control: solar powered control valve that utilizes zero electric.

4. Aesthetic Blending: outside pipe insulation is painted to match the house color.

5. Temperature Control: an optional regulate temperature valve (Mixing Valve) is available for child safety and does not diminish the efficiency of the unit. This makes sure the water coming out is not too hot for users.

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Our solar water heater system uses the sun to deliver your hot water year-round and saves you up to 30% on your energy bill. You can also currently receive $1000 back from FPL and a 30% tax credit at the end of the year.  The time to go solar is now!

Uniquely, our system utilizes a solar panel to power the pump so your system can be fully free of electricity and you will still get hot water even during an extended power outage.


TEO Solar has offered all aspects of solar products for over 30 years in Flagler county, including:









How it works:

Solar Panels (Photovoltaic System)

How it works:

Our solar pool heating system takes advantage of the most abundant energy source available: the sun. 

Unlike electric or gas heating options, the sun doesn't send you a bill. It just keeps on shining and warming. After installation, your pool will be heated free for many years to come and you will enjoy your pool for a much longer season. Pool and spa combination packages are also available.

People use more then 50 trillion
of power every year. 

As astounding as that sounds, the
sun carries energy to the earth at a much higher rate, totaling more
then 700 quadrillion (that's 700 followed by 15 zeros) kilowatts in the
same year's time.

Saying it in another way, the sun provides enough energy to the earth to satisfy the world's energy needs for a whole year  in only 40 minutes

Your electric water heater can use as much energy as an automobile?  A car gets 22 mpg and travels 12000 miles in a year, consumes approximately 11.4 barrels of oil.

A family of four would use the same amount of energy in a year,  just heating water by using a average amount of hot water per day (80

In other words, installing a Solar Domestic Hot Water System
in your home provides the same environmental and energy savings benefits  as taking an average car off the road.

A million plus Floridians are currently harnessing the sun's unlimited, free energy with solar systems they own.

These systems are estimated to be saving over 500 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. 

TEO Solar offers all types of solar products for both residential and commercial including solar attic fans, solar lighting solutions, solar street lights, solar dock lights, solar backup systems and more.

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Need a repair or help with maintenance of your solar product?  Even if it is not installed by us, we can help. 

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                         TEO Solar’s pool heating system includes panels that transfer heat from the sun into the cooler pool water. It pumps water through the collectors by diverting water that is already flowing through the existing pool pump and uses an automatic system for your convenience.

Every panel manufactured undergoes an internal pressure test 105 psi before being approved for shipment and installation (panels typically operate at only 12-40 psi). We are licensed and ensure all products will work to their fullest potential and are installed by highly qualified, licensed installers. For extra savings, variable speed pumps also available.

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Solar Water Heaters

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Investing in solar panels:

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Solar Pool Heaters

What makes us better:

Our solar panels (PV system)uses the sun to create energy and can save you up to 100% on your energy bill. You can also currently receive a 30% tax credit at the end of the year.  The time to go solar is now!

Our system will  generate clean energy from the sun reducing your dependency on utilities, and in Florida you can even sell back the excess to your local utility.